Monday, February 28, 2011

Spruce to Sell Now: Tips to Make Your Home Exterior Photo Friendly

Spring is around the corner and so is the busy flurry of houses being placed on the market. But what can you do to make yours stand out online and in person?

1. Stain or paint your front door. If your door is showing major sun fade or peeling, buyers will already have pre-conceived notions about the wear and tear of your home. If you have extra money, buy new brass or brushed nickle hardware for it as well.

2. Remove window screens. Ratty window screens definitely need to be replaced and homes look better in photos without them.

3. Freshen your landscaping with new mulch. Black is best to contrast with those new spring lime green leaves and blades of grass, or watering the brown mulch before a showing or photographing can be just as effective.

4. Consider planting spring bulbs or planters of pansies or other early spring varieties for color splash.

This backyard was professionally spruced up with
spring bulbs and mulch.

5. When in doubt, call a professional. Several landscaping companies can give you cost effective ideas to spruce up your landscaping to give your home that picture perfect feel.

-Amanda Chitwood

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