Thursday, January 6, 2011

B365 #2 FARMBloomington

Bloomington has a great range of restaurant choices, especially non-chain specialties. A few Sundays ago a walked downtown to find something to eat. I wound up walking into FARMbloomington. The establishment is owned by Chef Daniel Orr. The historic location hosts a restaurant, market, bar and a music venue. Orr's whole menu and concept is to focus on local and fresh ingredients. His studies in Culinary Arts have lead him to create a menu of both island cuisine and Midwestern American favorites.

The decor in the restaurant is eclectic and Midwest Americana. Old quilts, antiques and quaint tables with white painted wooden chairs create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

I ordered the tomato and cheese pizza with pesto. The pizza was excellent and you could tell his pride and mission of using fresh ingredients. I ventured onto dessert and order the chocolate pave with pistachios. It was a flourless chocolate cake equal to the best piece of fudge you've ever tasted, plus the saltiness and crunch from the pistachios. I will definitely be back to further expand my culinary palette.


Amanda Chitwood

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